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Thanks to the MESLE Quick Connector it is super easy to connect the tow rope with the towable or the boat. First of all you put the eye of the Quick Connector through the eye of the tow rope or the eyelet of the boat. Then put the plastic hook of the Quick Connector trough the Quick Connectors eye and tighten it. With this practical towing device you can connect the tow rope within a few seconds. 


  • Handy connecting device for tubes and other towables without a tow hook
  • For inflatable towables with a capacity of max. 4 persons (308 kg)
  • 20 mm 16 strand Poly-E rope, 15 cm eyes at the end
  • Quick-Connect-Hook with 1,884 kg (4,150 lbs) max. tensile strength
  • Length 50 cm, gets attached to towing device of the tube and connected with a towrope
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