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The MESLE tow rope Bungee 4P ensures a lot more fun while tubing behind the boat or jetski. The Bungee rope is perfectly suitable for all inflatable towable up to 4 person capacity. The integrated shock damper absorbs punches while starting with the boat or jumping over waves. Furthermore it preserves the towing device and seams of the towable. After the rope pulls together it stretches again and briefly provides an enormous acceleration for maximum fun and adrenalin. A rope keeper is included for hanging and stowing the rope tangle-free.   


  • Bungee tube towrope with 1.859 kg (4.100 lbs) max. tensile strength
  • For inflatables with a capacity of max. 4 persons (308 kg)
  • 17 mm PE-rope with 15.2 m (50') length, one section, 15 cm eyes at the ends
  • Elastic stretching zone with spliced, 25 mm thick rubber part
  • Practical Rope Keeper for hanging and stowing the rope is included
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