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The wake & ski rope Ergo 75' is the MESLE all in one power rope. It is a shortenable 4-Loop rope with a total length of 23 m to waterski, 18,3 m for wakeboarding and 16,7 m for kneeboarding. The round handle has a lightweight core made of high-strength aluminium. The Ergo is ergonomically designed so that you can ride longer and do not tire as quickly. With its 33 cm (13'') wide handle it is also suitable for large hands as well as wake- and kneeboard spin-tricks. The soft EVA foam coated handle is very grippy and comfortable. The Y-connector and vinyl end caps protect the rope and the fingers. Therefore the handle can be used without gloves. The handle is removable and exchangeable. For more safety the rope is floating and well visible in the water. The loop at the end of the rope is connected with the boats tow pylon or if it is a boat with outboard motor with the tow harness. A rope keeper is included to store the rope tangle-free.  

  • Universal towrope for wakeboarding, knee boarding, wake skating and water skiing, buoyant
  • Curved 13'' Aluminium handle with Ergo soft grip, 32 mm diameter, usable without gloves
  • 8 mm 12 strand Poly-E rope with UV protection, pre-stretched, 681 kg maximum tensile strength
  • Can be shortened, 3 sections plus handle section: 16.7 m (kneeboard), 18.3 m (wakeboard), 23 m (water ski)
  • Rope keeper to stow and hang the rope is included
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