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This Heavy Duty Donut-Tube is developed for extrem use. The Hurricane Speed is made of an extra tearproof 840 D Nylon cover, PVC bottom, reinforced towing device and is with its 147 cm diameter luxurious large. Due to the large diameter, PVC bottom with speed surface and horizontal attached towing device the Hurricane becomes a sliding and fun machine. Thanks to its size the towable accelerates and glides super fast. Four padded handles with EVA knuckle protection and two EVA padded seats provide a comfortable ride. Beginner or children can sit into the Hurricane to lower the centre of gravity for a safer ride. Furthermore you can sit back and relax. Advanced riders can lay on the tube to maximize the adrenaline rush. After the ride the Hurricane can be used as a lounger to relax or as a river tube. The tube can be used in salt water but should be washed with fresh water after using. The MESLE Hurricane Speed will be delivered with a repair kit and detailed manual.

Recommendation regarding accessories


Standard hand- or foot pumps are best suited to inflate the towable.


Towropes for 1 or 2 person are best suited for the Hurricane Speed. Waterski or wakeboard ropes are not appropriated to tow towables. If your boat has an outboard motor or no tow pylon you need a tow harness to connect the tow rope with the boat. A Quick-Release is also recommended for more safety. Always wear a swim vest!

  • Fully covered 1 person Donut-Tube for motor boats, extra durable professional version with Tarpaulin Speed Bottom
  • Extremely tear-resistant 840 D Nylon cover, double stitching, EVA knee padding and four padded handles with EVA knuckle protection
  • Reinforced towing device with XL Quick-Connect-Hook, self-draining thanks to drainage opening at the bottom of the cockpit
  • 0.65 mm PVC inner hose with included safety bladder, electronically welded seams, Boston valve for easy inflating and deflating
  • Diameter 135 cm (inflated, without towing device), capacity one person (complied 100 kg), repair set and manual included
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