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The perfect access to the world of spin tricks offers the WAKETEC Aloha wakesurf board. With its round shaped nose and tail the Aloha turns and spins super easy. The flat bottom provides lot of speed to guarantee high ollie tricks with the help of the tall tail kick. After spin tricks the flat rocker keeps you in the wave thanks to its incredible gliding characteristics. The Thruster fin setup gives additionally control and speed. The centre fin creates stability, while the side fins allow turning manoeuvres. The WAKETEC Aloha is handshaped made of dual density EPS core which makes the board durable and shock-resistant. Thanks to its shape the wakesurfer can be surfed in smaller wakesurf waves without rope. The recommended bodyweight range is between 45 and 85kg. The colour matching surfrope is the MESLE ALH 23'. Have fun while surfing! 


  • Aloha 56' Wakesurfboard, hobby rider up to pros, low to powerful wakesurf waves, up to 85 kg bodyweight
  • Handshaped dual density EPS core, durable and shock-resistant, EVA pad with extra tall tail kick
  • 3 Fins with Future systeme, removable, individual fin setup
  • Skimboard Shape, flat bottom, soft rail, flat rocker, round nose and tail, Apex 60/40
  • Length 142,2 cm (4'8''), width 54 cm (21 1/4''), thickness 3 cm (1.2'') 
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