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Extremely lightweight, grippy, comfortable and durable. A wakeboard handle to fall in love with! The MESLE ARS-O is a pro handle for wakeboarding and wakeskating. Thanks to the oval shape, the 15'' grip with aluminium core and coating of synthetic PU leather fits perfectly in the hand. The leather is grippy and feels super comfortable while riding. Furthermore the material is significantly more durable compared to foam grips. The handle is equipped with Anti-Roll Nylon endcaps to protect the fingers and to reinforce the handle section. The handle section is made of non-stretch Dyneema Flat Line with silicon coated cable. This thin and super lightweight line is tear-resistant and without stretch, perfect for wakeboarding and wakeskating. The Y-connection attached to the handle reduces tangles and ensures to have an even center line pull. The ARS-O handle is compatible with every main line thanks to the 13,5 cm eye at the end. It can be used for wakeboarding behind the boat, at the cable park or with a wake winch.

  • Ultralight wakeboard handle for pro riders and wakeboarders with sporty ambitions
  • 15'' teardrop handle, cross section 28 mm to 32 mm, memory foam padded grip made of synthetic PU leather
  • 6061 T5 Aluminium core - no flex, super rigid, extra light Nylon endcaps with ARS (Anti-Roll System)
  • Non-Stretch Dyneema Flat Line with blue silicone coated cable (buoyant), Y-Connect reduces tangles
  • Length 1.5 m (5'), 13.5 cm eye at the end, available with compatible DSC main rope
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