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Developed as a flatdeck wakeskate with Continuous Rocker, the WAKETEC Woody provides the best riding characteristics for ambitious beginners and advanced wakeskaters behind the boat or at the cable. The Woody 43'', composed of snappy, solid, eco-friendly 9 Ply Maple Wood, offering more board control in tied turns and slides. The Continuous Rocker affects forgiving on the driving characteristics. In addition, the multi-layer glued Maple wood deck gives more stiffness and extra rebound for Ollies and wake to wake jumps. The removable ABS centre fins make the wakeskate even faster, improve the board control and can be used in obstacle parks to shred kickers and sliders. Due to the thick EVA Grip surface, the board can be ridden comfortably barefoot. The perfect change to wakeboarding! The Wakeskate Woody is suitable for riders up to 90 kg bodyweight. 

  • Durable flatdeck wakeskate for beginners and advanced riders up to 90 kg
  • 15 mm 9 ply maple wood deck, multi-layer glued for maximum pop and board control
  • 3.5 mm Bare Grip Surface made of structured EVA foam, extra buoyancy, super barefoot grip
  • Two rail-friendly center-fins made of impact resistant ABS plastic, length 11 cm, height 2.3 cm
  • Length 109.9 cm, width 39,4 cm Continuous Rocker for ollies and flip tricks
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