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The MESLE Easy Go is the first choice for children and youth, who want to learn or improve water skiing. A super easy water start guarantees the specially developed form for children. The combo ski is particularly kept narrow under the binding to reduce the buoyancy in this area. This shape makes it a lot easier for light persons to push the ski under water and keep the ski parallel while starting. In addition to that, the included trainer bar can be used to tie the skis together. The wide tip ensures an effortless ride. The additional buoyancy literally "lifts" the ski out of the water and clearly reduces the water-resistance. You need less physical effort and can enjoy water skiing longer. Thanks to its innovativ double-tunnel bottom the Easy Go has a better handling compared to conventional tunnel skis. In addition, the parabolic shape turns the combo ski into a slalom ski. The narrow tail allows the ski to carve smoothly, even with lean-angle. The Easy Go is equipped with a rear toe strap. The junior binding can flexibly be adjusted and fits for the shoe sizes 32 to 40 EU. The combo ski is perfectly suitable for children, youth and light women up to 70 kg. Enjoy water skiing!

  • Comboski for kids and youth up to 70 kg, beginner-friendly shape with double-tunnel for better control 
  • Innovative Side-Cut and unique V-Bottom running surface to control the ski before and while starting out of the water
  • Robust RIM-Tech plastic construction and ABS-fins, inserts for Trainer-Bar (option)
  • Adjustable binding and rear toe strap with neoprene base plate, appropriate to shoe sizes 32-40 (depends and the foot width)
  • Length 137 cm (54"), width 21 cm, for corporal weight 30-70 kg (duoski), or 25-60 kg (slalom ski)
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