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The MESLE Wake Star Trainers are perfect for the first attempts on the water. With its latest wide body shape and carving side-cut, the duo ski has a unique form specially made for children. Due to 2 cm wider tip, the kid can start much easier and need less physical effort compared to traditionell water skis. You can already ski with weak motorized boats, or rather with low speeds. The duo ski is particularly tip stable and easy turnable thanks to the flat-bottom running surface. In order to facilitate the first starting attempts even more, the trainer-rope and stabilizing bar can be used to tie the skis together. The trainer-rope is connected with the Wake Star so that the boat pulls the ski. The child does not need to hold the handle tight. The pull is just on the ski, not on the child's handle. A person in the boat holds the second handle of the trainer-rope to let the rope go when necessary. The kids binding is easy adjustable and appropriate to shoe sizes up to 36 EU (depends on foot width). The Wake Star Trainers are perfectly suitable for kids up to 45 kg. Let's get the kiddies on the water!

  • Modern Learning-Ski for children, complete with trainer-rope, plastic bar and rope to tie the skis together
  • Innovative Side-Cut and proven Flat-Bottom running surface, easy turnable and particularly tip stable
  • Easy Sandwich construction with wood core, ABS-fins and inserts for the delivered Trainer-Bar
  • Mounted with adjustable binding for children, appropriate to shoe sizes up to 36 (depends on the foot width)
  • Length 118 cm (46"), width 19 cm, for corporal weight up to 45 kg


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