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The MESLE Freecarve slalom ski is a new developed slalom ski for advanced and ambitious slalom ski riders. As a modern freeride ski it has a larger Sweet Spot and more stability. With its parabolic shape the Freecarve overturns and turns effortless. The flat profiled tail has a concave edge-to-edge design. This guarantees enormous acceleration to the wake and continuous control even in steep lean angles. Under the binding area, the concave edge-to-edge design turns into a tunnel concave. Thanks to this Transitional Base the Freecarve is almost suitable for all levels of skier and suitable for a wide range of bodyweights, depending on the speed. The bevel edge form gives even more control, additional buoyancy for the water start and blocks unpleasant jumps when skiing through the boat wake. In comparison to a competition ski the MESLE Freecarve can be ridden with less speed, the water start is super easy and you ski with half of effort. That's why this slalom ski is often used as a "family ski" for youths and adults or as a beginner slalom ski. The Freecarve 67'' is perfectly suitable for skiers up to 95 kg and will be delivered with an adjustable aluminium fin. It is compatible to all MESLE, D3 and KD plate bindings.

  • Sporty Freeride Slalom Ski for heavy and medium weight skiers up to 95 kg
  • Tunnel Concave Bottom, Continuous Flex Line, Performance Rocker Tail
  • GFK Monocoque Construction with PU core and Graphite reinforcement
  • PBT Top Sheet, Korad Speed Base, Adjustable Aluminum Fin
  • Length 170 cm (67''), with inserts for Mesle, D3 and KD bindings
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