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The MESLE Combi is a self-centering tow harness for wakeboarding, water skiing or 1 person towables . The 8'' version is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized motor boats with outboard engine or for boats with towing hooks attached at the rear. The floating 244cm long rope easily glides through the pulley which is covered with a robust plastic float. The pulley ensures that both lines are always subjected to the same load and prevents that the boats rear is pulled sideways. The large float keeps the rope away from the propeller. The bridle is equipped with two strong snap hooks to connect the rope with the boat. The tow rope's loop is pulled trough the eye of the Quick-Connect-Hook to connect the tow harness with the tow rope. A rope keeper is included to hang and stow the tow harness tangle-free.

  • Self-centering tow harness for 1 person tubes, waterskiing and wakeboarding
  • 8' version for small and big motor boats with outboard motor, or laternal tow holes
  • Combi-float with pulley  for consistent distribution of pulling force and better tracking of the boat
  • Length of rope 244 cm, 2 sturdy snap hooks
  • Included rope keeper to stow and hang the tow harness



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