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Original water ski disc from MESLE for cool tricks on the water. Spins and tricks have never been learned so quickly. Riding a disc is like riding a disc. You can't compare it, you have to try it! Experts carve through slalom courses or surf the wakesurf wake. The disc start is as simple as a water ski start. The fun ride already begins from 25 km/h when you try your first rotations. The disc is delivered without binding. MESLE discs are also available with premounted bindings.

  • Original MESLE water ski disc, the classic for rotations and cool tricks on the water
  • Is driven with 20 to 30 km/h speed, therefore also ideal for water ski cableways
  • Wood-Sandwich Construction, lacquered surfaces, all around chamfered bottom 
  • Diameter 74 cm, thickness 17 mm, 5 cm beveled bottom edge
  • Delivery blank, without binding
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