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D3 Slalom Ski ION Tour Red

The new D3 ION has the perfect blend of speed - that we expect from today's skis - with the balance and natural equilibrium - of a traditional shaped slalom ski. The ION traces its heritage to our iconic world record setting X7, Quest, ARC and EVO lineage.

The new slightly narrower forebody makes the ION easy to ride in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski and creates better cross course angle behind the boat. The result - more time and space - into the buoy. The ION allows you to better manage speed through the turn - with better rope and line management. It provides that element of touch to regulate ski attitude and width with precision, when you are extremely early on the boat at your shortest line lengths.

The ION sweet spot is larger, with stability and balance that is extremely predictable into the edge change, turn and when accelerating out of the buoy. 

ION supports skiers of all levels and at the same time exceeds the expectations of the most demanding and highest intensity skier.


ION features:

  • New Ski Shape and Narrower Forebody - Easier to ride in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski and engage the tip throughout the turn
  • Longer Sweet Spot - Promoting stability and balance that is extremely predictable: behind the boat, during the edge change, through the turn and when accelerating out of the buoy
  • New Rocker Profile - Ski attitude is flatter with less tip rise
  • Softer Tail Bevels - Allows the tail of the ski to move throughout the turn in perfect balance with the tip
  • All Levels - Designed for skiers of all levels and at the same time exceeds the expectations of the most demanding skiers
  • Accuset Fin Block - Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustment and laser aligned fin position
  • Machined Screw Inserts - To accomondates D3, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention


Test before you buy - Test possibilities for D3 products on request



Ski Size Chart D3 ION 2021 Slalom Ski:*

D3 ION Slalom Ski

up to 49 km/h (30 mph)

52 km/h (32 mph)

55 km/h (34 mph)

58 km/h (36 mph)

64'' (163 cm)

up to 54 kg (bis 120 lbs)

up to 57 kg (bis 125 lbs)

up to 59 kg (bis 130 lbs)

up to 61 kg (bis 135 lbs)

65'' (165 cm)

52-66 kg (115-145 lbs)

54-68 kg (120-150 lbs)

57-70 kg (125-155 lbs)

59-73 kg (130-160 lbs)

66'' (168 cm)

59-73 kg (130-160 lbs)

61-75 kg (135-165 lbs)

66-79 kg (140-170 lb)

66-79 kg (145-175 lbs)

67'' (170 cm)

70-84 kg (160-185 lbs)

75-86 kg (165-190 lbs)

77-88 kg (170-195 lbs)

79-91 kg (175-200 lbs)

68'' (173 cm)

84+ kg (185+ lbs)

86+ kg (190+ lbs)

88+ kg (195+ lbs)

91+ kg (200+ lbs)

*Skier ability and line length may affect recommendation


  • 2021 D3 Competition Slalom Ski, Zero Tolerance Manufacturing, Made in USA
  • Traces its heritage to the iconic world record setting X7, Quest, ARC, EVO lineage
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Laminate, ultra light, precise, effortless
  • Delivery includes patented R-30 Rockerblock Fin
  • Machined screw inserts suitable for D3, Reflex, HO and MESLE binding hole patterns

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