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The Strato 170 cm combo ski has excellent gliding characteristics due to its unique double-tunnel base and more buoyancy. The additional buoyancy is generated by a 3 cm wider shape compared to standard combo skis. This advantage can be felt in your arms because more buoyancy means less water-resistance and thus also less physical effort. The "V-Bottom" separates both tunnels down to the fins where it turns into a deep channel. This innovative shape ensures best possible control while starting and crossing the boat wake. Deep side channels improve edge control and tracking on flat and rough water. The Strato is also suitable for slalom skiing. One ski is equipped with a rear toe strap to learn slalom skiing. Thanks to its tail-rocker, the ski carves smoothly and you will manage to splash your first water fountains. Due to its wider shape you can slalom ski with less speed and even with weak motorized boats. The combo ski has attached white ABS fins which are highly visible in the water. The Strato 170 cm is perfectly suitable for a weight range between 40 to 120 kg when combo skiing and 40 to 100 kg when slalom skiing. The adjustable binding made of comfortable dual-density-foam is suitable for shoe size 37 to 47 EU, depending on foot width. 

  • Comboski with Wide Body tip and V-Bottom for easy water start and skiing with little effort
  • Easily turning thanks to unique double-tunnel base, side channels for perfect tracking on flat and rough waters
  • Durable RIM-Tec plastic construction with UV-Protect Top Sheet, conspicuous white ABS fins
  • Binding and rear toe strap made of comfortable Dual-Density-Foam, adjustable, EU sizes 37 to 47 (depending on foot width)
  • Length 170 cm (67"), width 19.6 cm, suitable for weight range 40 to 120 kg (combo) and 40 to 100 kg (slalom)
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