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If you can't stop grinning after water skiing, you probably skied the MESLE Strato Pro combo waterskis. Especially this version with B6 boot-bindings is the perfect choice for sporty combo ski riders and ambitious slalom skiers. The versatile combo skis with wide body tip and double tunnel allows you to ski effortless, controlled and sporty, whether you are slalom skiing or duo skiing. The Strato Pro is designed with a wide body and parabolic shape for easy deep water starts and minimal effort. The double tunnel base gives you smooth tracking and reliable edge hold in the same ski. Crossing the wake and skiing on rough water never felt so easy thanks to additional side channels. Slalom Skier will notice the tail rocker which allows smooth, predictable turns and makes the Strato even more versatile. Combined with the B6 bindings, the Strato Pro becomes a true slalom ski. The B6 one-size boot bindings are suitable for shoe sizes 36 to 46 EU (depending on foot width) and ensure a save hold in tight turns. For combo skiing, the Strato is perfectly suitable from 50 kg (slalom skiing from 40 kg) and is an ideal ski for weak motorized boats or rather heavy persons up to 120 kg.

  • Sporty Combo Skis with B6 boot bindings, Wide Body tip and V-Bottom for easy water start and slalom carving
  • Easily turning thanks to unique double-tunnel base, side channels for perfect tracking on flat and rough waters
  • RIM-Tec plastic construction with UV-Protect surface and ABS reinforcement in binding area, conspicuous white ABS fins
  • Dual Lace Boot binding with adjustable rear toe plate, EU sizes 36 to 46 (depending on foot width)
  • Length 170 cm (67"), width 19.6 cm, suitable for weight range 40 to 120 kg (combo) and 40 to 100 kg (slalom)
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