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Water Ski Package Deluxe with sporty combo ski, versatile one-size life vest and water ski rope.

SKI: The MESLE XPlore is a compact combo ski with a length of 157 cm. It is 2,5 cm wider and significantly shorter compared to traditionell water skis for adults. The advantage of the wider body tip is already noticeable during the water start. More buoyancy will make you planing faster and you need less strength. Especially water skiers with weak motorized boats profit from this shape. Furthermore the XPlore is narrow waisted in the front for better handling and carving characteristics. The stepped tail and tracking rails improve the smooth running in choppy water and provide edge control when slalom skiing with lean angle. The combo ski is perfectly suitable for youths and adults up to 90 kg bodyweight and up to 80 kg when slalom skiing. The easy adjustable binding made of comfortable dual-density-foam fits for shoe sizes between 37 and 47 EU, depending on foot width. The fins are made of white ABS plastic which is highly visible in the water. The combo ski is very liked by beginners and intermediate water skiers because of its beginner friendly shape in combination with its sporty carving characteristics. In addition to this, the ski is super easy to store thanks to its compact length.  

VEST: The V210 is a versatile buoyancy aid and perfectly suitable for active water sports like waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailing, paddling, sup or snorkeling. The soft buoyancy foam adapts flexibly to the body shape. Thanks to its 3 belts and smooth buckles the vest can be adjusted fast and close to the body. Due to the extra wide armhole the vest is also suitable for long canoe and sailing trips. The impact vest is available in 5 sizes for adults and youths.   

Size chart:
XS 71-81 cm chest measurement, 30-50 kg body weight   
S 81-91 cm chest measurement, 50-60 kg body weight   
M 91-101 cm chest measurement, 60-70 kg body weight   
L 101-111 cm chest measurement, from 70 kg body weight   
XL 111-127 cm chest measurement, from 70 kg body weight    

ROPE: The MESLE Water ski rope Combo 75' is the perfect rope for combo skiing. 23 m is the right length for waterski beginners and hobby riders, as well as wakeboard beginners. The 12'' aluminium handle with soft EVA coating is very comfortable and lies well in the hand. Extra large end caps protect the rope and fingers so that the handle can be used without water ski gloves. For safety the Combo is very well visible in the water and is floating. The rope is connected with the boats tow pylon or if it's a boat with outboard motor with the tow harness. A rope keeper is included to store the rope tangle-free.


  • Parabolic shaped Combo waterski with tracking rails for easy water starts and carving with maximum fun
  • Stepped tail for quick turning, tracking rails for smooth running in choppy water
  • Durable RIM-Tech construction with UV-Protect surface, white ABS plastic fins, highly visible in the water
  • Binding and rear toe strap made of comfortable Dual-Density-Foam, adjustable, EU sizes 37 to 47 (depending on foot width)
  • Length 157.5 cm (62"), width 18.9 cm, suitable for weight range 35 to 110 kg (combo) and 35 to 90 kg (slalom), package with vest "V210" (XS, S, M, L, XL) in blue and waterski rope "Combo"


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