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MESLE Wasserskihantel Pro Radius 13''

The water ski handle Pro Radius 13'' is the ergonomic slalom handle in the MESLE power ropes range. It can be connected and combined with various main ropes. The Radius handle has a lightweight core made of high-strength aluminium. It is ergonomically shaped to reduce the power required and increase the riding time. With its 33 cm wide handle the Pro Radius is also suitable for larger hands. The coating of special grinded rubber is extremely grippy and abrasion-resistant. The rubber handle is also suitable for Kevlar gloves. The end caps protect the rope and fingers. The 15 cm large eye at the end connects the rope with the boat or a tow harness. A rope keeper is included to store the rope tangle-free.

  • Water ski handle in pro quality for sportive ambitious skier and slalom skier with competitive ambitions
  • 13'' radius handle, round, 6061 T5 aircraft-aluminum core, diameter 27.2 mm  
  • Polished Power-Grip rubber, also suitable for Kevlar gloves
  • 9.5 mm 16-strand Poly-E rope with UV protection, prestretched, 1,078 kg maximum tensile strength
  • Color: black/white, length 1.5 m, 15 cm eye at rope end, incl. Rope Keeper
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