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D3 Sprungski Nightmare Jumpers

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The next generation of D3 Nightmare Jumpers are here. Lighter and faster than ever, but with that trademark stability and quality you expect from D3 Skis. The new skis are nearly a pound lighter per ski making them easier to turn and easier to handle through the wakes. Our new laminate construction gave us the opportunity to create a new flex pattern along with a slightly adjusted rocker that make these skis faster and hold an edge off the second wake into the bottom of the ramp like they are on rails. We are still utilizing the EVA tips to keep the tips proportionately lighter than the rest of the skis to keep swing weight down and tip pressure up for maximum angle and tip pressure. All this with the same quality construction that D3 has built their reputation on so that your investment will last long into the future and keep taking you to new heights and distances for years to come.

All current model Nightmare Jumpers receive aluminum jump fins.


  • Ultra lightweight Aerospace Carbon Laminates
  • Stiffer tip and tail
  • Custom edge design
  • Aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb core
  • Customized tail rocker

Test before you buy - Testmöglichkeiten für D3 Produkte auf Anfrage

Längenempfehlung D3 Nightare Jumpers*:

Körpergewicht/Größe bis 152 cm (5') 152-163 cm (5'-5'4'') 163-170 cm (5'4''-5'7'') 170-183 cm (5'7''-6') 183+ cm (6'+)
bis 45 kg (100 lbs) 82'' 82'' 84'' 84'' 84''
45-57 kg (100-125 lbs) 82'' 84'' 84'' 86'' 86''
57-68 kg (125-150 lbs) 84'' 86'' 86'' 86'' 88''
68-79 kg (150-175 lbs) 84'' 86'' 88'' 88'' 90''
79-91 kg (175-200 lbs) 86'' 86'' 90'' 90'' 92''
91+ kg (200+ lbs) 86'' 86'' 90'' 92'' 92''

*Abhängig vom Fahrkönnen


  • D3 Competition Sprungski, Zero Tolerance Manufacturing, Made in USA
  • Lightweight Aerospace Carbon Laminates, aerospace grade Aluminium Wabenkern
  • Inklusive Aluminium Sprung Finnen


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