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The AIRA Carbon features a forward thinking approach to the traditional D3 overall topographical shape. This ski offers support where you need it and less where you don’t. A tapered profile has been designed into both the tip and tail of the AIRA Carbon. While subtle to the naked eye, this modification creates an energetic feel on all wake tricks and produces effortless pop.

The AIRA Carbon begins with a lightweight I.P.N. core and 100% carbon fiber laminate construction. The core, when combined with the carbon fiber laminates, make the AIRA Carbon ultra-light weight and incredibly strong. The all carbon fiber laminate construction make the AIRA Carbon lightning fast but still very forgiving. Quick rebound after a load makes the AIRA Carbon the most stable performance trick ski available.

The AIRA Carbon and the AIRA Carbon HC come complete with rock solid ABS plastic anchors embedded inside the core of each ski. These anchors allow us to install the industry’s highest quality machine screw inserts in all AIRA Carbon models. Rear plate inserts are standard equipment on all AIRA Carbon tricks. These rear inserts are designed to work with our Pro Trick Plate.

Top world ranked trick skier Giannina Bonnemann said, "I love skiing on the Aira Carbon. It is both stable and fast at the same time. Since I began skiing on the Aira-shape my trick scores have become much more consistent. The ski gives me 100% confidence that I can stand-up my run no matter what. Since I am only 5'1" tall and light weight, the Aira Carbon is more suitable for me. I get just the right pop off the wakes with the Aira Carbon and it is stable when I need it to be. I'm looking forward to an exciting 2019 season on my new favorite ski, the AIRA Carbon."

All D3 trick ski models combine everything Denny Kidder has learned over the years while also considering the changing needs of the modern trick skier. Fresh new design concepts and solutions were utilized to produce the ultimate skis for the new age trick ski competitor as well as the seasoned veteran. You can feel the difference quality construction makes with the very first ride. Don't settle, buy an AIRA Carbon today.

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Längenempfehlung* D3 Aira Carbon:

Länge Breite Körpergewicht
41'' (104,1 cm) 11 1/8'' (28,3 cm) bis 57 kg (125 lbs)
42'' (106,8 cm) 11 1/4'' (28,6 cm) 50-70 kg (110-155 lbs)
43'' (109,2 cm) 11 3/8'' (28,9 cm) 64-84 kg (140-185 lbs)
44'' (111,8 cm) 11 1/2'' (29,2 cm) über 77 kg (170 lbs)

*Abhängig vom Fahrkönnen

Technische Details

  • D3 Competition Trick Ski, Zero Tolerance Manufacturing, Made in USA
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Laminate, ultra leichter I. P. N. Kern
  • ultra-light weight and incredibly strong, fast but still forgiving, quick rebound, most stable performance trick ski available
  • Machine screw inserts, Lochbild passend für D3, Reflex, HO, Radar, Connelly and Wiley Front Bindungen und hintere D3 Pro Trick Plate Monoplatte
  • Lieferung mit Bindungsschrauben, (D3 Invert Trick Plate ITP nicht passend für hinteres Lochbild)



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