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The MESLE Tow Rope 6P 60' has a total length of 18.3 m and is perfect to tow tubes and banana boats. The rope is designed for towables up to 6 person capacity. The 20 mm thick Polyethylen rope has a very high tear resistance with 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg), is pre-stretched and treated with UV protection. The rope's weight is 90.4 g per meter.  The rope floats and is well visible in the water. A rope keeper is included to hang and stow the rope tangle-free.  

  • Tube towrope with 2,721 kg (6,000 lbs) maximum tensil strength
  • For inflatable products with 6 persons max. capacity
  • 20 mm, 16 strand PE-rope with 18.3 m (60') length, one section, 15 cm eyes at the ends
  • High-quality pre-stretched rope with UV protection, highly visible in the water
  • Handy Rope Keeper for hanging and stowing the rope is included


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