Mesle Watersports Team

Mesle Family


It is a family business! Strategists, designers, idea generators, communication talents, developers, nerds. We are fundamentally different and we celebrate that. But we all have one thing in common. We are true water sports enthusiasts. Meet the Enthusiasts.

Mesle Watersports Team Uwe Mesle


Uwe Mesle

  • Passionate slalom ski rider
  • Market expert, innovator and role model
  • Always ready for the best joke in the office
Mesle Watersports Team Janik Mesle

E-Commerce & Process Optimization

Janik Mesle

  • Pro all-rounder in the office and on the water
  • Loves trying out new products
  • Rarely reaches his limits despite being 2m tall
Mesle Watersports Team Annette Mesle

Customer support & accounting

Annette Mesle

  • Loves stand up paddling on Lake Constance
  • Always smiling & the contact person for challenging customer inquiries
  • Walks fastest in the office - Workout done
Mesle Watersports Team Maren Mesle

Product- & UI Design

Maren Mesle

  • Sometimes behind and sometimes in front of the camera. No matter what water sports action
  • Brings a breath of fresh design air to our business with her flair for form and color
  • Always well dressed & in a good mood
Mesle Watersports Team Camilla Mesle

Content Creation

Camilla Mesle

  • Has discovered wakesurfing for herself
  • Writes our content with a lot of creativity & know-how
  • Keeps the mood in the office high with her open & talkative manner

Together, no limits.
The Team.

Of course, we can't do everything on our own. MESLE is backed by a great team of internal and external employees. It is important to us that everyone can identify with our products. You will find a wide variety of people here and everyone is treated equally and with respect. Individual strengths are pushed, weaknesses are compensated for. We think it's the mix that makes the difference.

This is also how we choose our partners. By opening up our spatial boundaries, we can break down every other boundary. That's why we work with a network of partners who approach their work with the same enthusiasm as we do. So if there's a fire or we need to move at triple speed, we know who we can count on.

Mesle Watersports Team Willi and Annette
Mesle Watersports Team Milan
Mesle Watersports Team Rosanna
Mesle Watersports Team Milan