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Successes & future visions

Environment & mentality

At a time when people, animals and sustainability are more important than ever, we are dropping our swimming trunks and focusing on greater transparency. In an ongoing process, we face challenges and take you with us on this journey. We will show you where we can still grow and proudly share our successes.

The most important things for our products


Using high-quality materials and colors to give our products the best basis for longevity and optimal performance.


Find materials and processes to design and produce your equipment more sustainably.


Clear and simple features that fulfill the functions without superfluous elements. For effortless experiences.


Functional, efficient and usable design that meets the needs of the user. Can be used in the widest possible range.

Suppliers & Partners

Our products come to life through people - from design to use. That's why we work with partners who treat employees with respect and share our values. We focus on building long-term relationships with suppliers in order to establish a transparent, trusting and open relationship over time.

Production facility for the manufacture of Mesle towables
Mesle Watersports map of production countries

Production countries

What begins as an idea in Dürbheim becomes high-quality products for water sports enthusiasts in our production facilities. Production extends across several continents. The selection of our suppliers is based on specific expertise, first-class quality and resource-efficient production processes.

Worldwide production enables us to manufacture products for you at fair prices with the best local expertise. We have been working with some suppliers for over 10 years. This allows us to build a responsible supply chain. Sustainability is a holistic approach that goes beyond the production site.


Packaging is unavoidable because we want our products to arrive clean and undamaged. It is important to question what can be done better. When it comes to packaging, we focus on more sustainable materials, less plastic and as much reuse as possible.

Online Shop Packaging

With a few exceptions, our online store packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. We hardly use any plastic because we make our own filling material from old cardboard boxes using a machine. The rule is: as little as possible, as much as necessary.

Product packaging

Some product packaging is protected with 100% recycled cardboard. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not (yet) possible to do without plastic completely. If we have to use it, then as sparingly as possible.

Up next

Even less plastic and multiple packaging. 100% recycled cardboard for all packaging. Instructions on cardboard boxes for careful handling.

Mesle Watersports dispatch center for order processing
Mesle Watersports environmentally conscious cardboard packaging of a tube

We reuse returns & shipping material

Returns are not destroyed by us, neither the product nor the packaging material. Shipping cartons can be reused by you for the return shipment. We reuse broken cardboard boxes by shredding them and using them as padding material.

Mesle Recycling cardboard into packaging material
Mesle Watersports map of production countries

Climate-neutral shipping

With our shipping partners GLS & DHL, we ship certified climate-neutral. Greenhouse gas emissions are offset by means of climate protection projects. Our supported project: Forest protection Madre de Dios Peru

Sustainability at headquarters

Aiming for comprehensive climate neutrality

With changes large and small, we have managed to make our site significantly more climate-neutral. Our latest acquisitions include a modern heating system, a photovoltaic system and partitions in the storage rooms for more efficient heating.
With the aim of further improving ourselves and reducing emissions to a minimum, we are constantly considering new measures.

Up next

Further reduction of energy consumption at the site, switch to a fully electric vehicle fleet, expansion of e-car charging stations and replacement of energy-intensive lighting in the warehouse with economical LED lighting with motion detectors.

Mesle Watersports Dürbheim commercial building with photovoltaics
Climate-neutral parcel shipping with GLS & DHL
Own photovoltaic system with 15 kW output
Predominantly electric vehicle fleet & own e-charging stations
Reduction in energy consumption by 50% since 2014
Awareness of sustainable product design
Use of recycled cardboard and padding material

And now you

Avoid unnecessary delivery trips

Before placing your order, plan whether you will accept the parcel directly or issue a drop-off authorization. Would you like to order for selection? Get advice beforehand, read product information and measure carefully to reduce returns. If you still order for selection, make sure that everything is sent in just one delivery.

Spare packaging material

Reuse the shipping carton and padding material for the return. Open parcels carefully so that the packaging material can be reused.

Return products conscientiously

Return products complete and unused so that we can resell them. When shipping, we make sure that the product is well padded to protect it. Therefore, use the same padding material for returns. If possible, return everything in one package.

Do without express delivery

Standardversand ist oft ökologischer als Express, denn so können effizientere Logistikrouten geplant und der Energieverbrauch minimiert werden. Obwohl wir 100 % klimaneutral versenden (Kompensation), ist es besser, von vornherein Emissionen zu reduzieren.

Sustainable Tag

You can recognize products that are particularly sustainable in the online store by the sustainable tag. You can see the extent to which an item is sustainable in the product description.

Note care & storage instructions

Care and storage instructions can be found in the operating instructions or in the product description in the online store. The following almost always applies to our products: store in a dry, cool and shady place for the longest possible service life.

Read the operating instructions

Manchmal wird versehentlich ein Produkt beschädigt, weil es unsachgemäß benutzt wurde. Das vermeidest du ganz einfach, indem du die Bedienungsanleitung VOR dem Gebrauch liest.