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The MESLE Fuse V is a modern Open Toe Boot-Binding for ambitious wakeboarders at the cable park or behind the boat. The shaft with neoprene Flex Zones and fast drying Dual-Density Liner guarantee best possible feeling and tightness. The binding can be opened widely, so you can get in and out easily. The Fuse V covers a wide range of sizes because of the Open Toe Design and the neoprene tongue which adapts to the width of the foot. This is ideal for families with a boat or if the binding is shared with more persons. The Velcro system makes it easy and fast to get into the Binding. The Nylon Baseless Chassis of the wakeboard boot brings the feeling for the ride and softens landing. The binding is available in size XS/lime (UK 2,5-5/EU33-38), S-M/red (UK 4,5-8/EU 37-42), L-XL/blue (UK 7,5-11/ EU 41-46) up to XXL/silver (UK 10,5-12,5/EU 45-48).

Thanks to the easy handling and  the durable construction, the Fuse is also popular as a rental binding at cableways and wakeboard schools.

  • Open Toe wakeboard binding with 3 velcro straps for easy handling and a great fit, also suitable for kite- and flyboards
  • Large size range through the open toe construction and flexible neoprene tongue, perfect for families and rental stations
  • Medium-hard shaft and neoprene Flex Zone, heel kidney inserts and Lycra laminated Dual-Density EVA liner for best comfort
  • Interchangeable velcro straps with robust X-Box stitching, wide opening and handle for easy entry 
  • Nylon Baseless Chassis, 6'' hole pattern, sizes XS/lime (UK 2,5-5/EU33-38), S-M/red (UK 4,5-8/EU 37-42), L-XL/blue (UK 7,5-11/ EU 41-46), XXL/silver (UK 10,5-12,5/EU 45-48), four M6 screws included
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