Mesle Slalom Water Ski Freecarve 2022 with B6.2 Binding

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Slalom ski:
The MESLE Freecarve is a newly developed monoski for advanced and ambitious slalom skiers. As a modern freeride ski, it has a larger sweet spot, significantly more stability and thanks to its strongly retracted shovel, it can be edged and turned effortlessly.
The flat-profiled end is continuously concave from edge to edge. It guarantees great acceleration to the wave and grips securely even at extreme lean angles. The edge-to-edge concave running surface merges into a tunnel concave under the binding. With this transitional base , the Freecarve covers almost all skill levels and - depending on speed - also very different weight classes.
Compared to a competition slalom ski, this freeride monoski is less power-consuming and can be skied at lower speeds. In addition, the water start is much easier, especially for monoski beginners.

Choose between three different lengths. The 65'' length is perfect for young people and adults up to 75 kg and the 67'' length for young people and adults up to 95 kg. For heavier persons up to 120 kg or for monoski riders who have difficulties with the water start or wanted to ride monoski at the cable park, the length 69'' is recommended.


The MESLE B6.2 slalom and water ski binding offers a firm and comfortable hold when monoskiing or waterskiing. The advanced binding has a double lacing with elastic rubber in the upper area and tighter nylon in the lower area. This allows the binding to fit the foot more precisely and reduces the risk of injury by slipping out of the binding in more severe falls.
Two loops make it easy to put the binding on and take it off. Thanks to the floating tongue construction and the open toe design, the B6.2 can be flexibly adjusted to the foot and offers an enormous adjustment range. The one-size binding easily covers shoe sizes EU 36-48, so you can also share the binding with friends and family.

  • Sporty freeride slalom ski with binding for beginners to ambitious mono ski riders
  • Tunnel Concave Bottom, Continuous Flex Line, Performance Rocker Tail
  • GFK monocoque construction with PU core and Graphite reinforcement
  • Adjustable Aluminum fin, incl. B6.2 binding (one-size 36-48 EU)
  • Lengths 165 cm (65'') up to 75 kg, 170 cm (67'') up to 95 kg, 175 cm (69'') up to 120 kg

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