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The MESLE Hook Up 70' 3-Loop is a special kneeboard rope with additional Hook Up handle. The 13'' main handle has the perfect size for kneeboarding and is also suitable for wakeboarding and waterskiing. The durable rubber grip with Tractor profile design feels super comfy and provides enormous grip. Large end caps protect the fingers and make the handle triangle stronger. The smaller, additional handle is made of rubber grip too. This extra handle supports beginners and hobby riders while starting with a kneeboard. Fix the handle into the MESLE aquatic hook system and ride without holding the handle. The main rope is three times shortenable with a total length of 21,3 m. A rope keeper to stow the rope is included.

  • Kneeboard- wakeboard- and waterski rope with additional handle to hook up
  • 13'' Aluminium round handle with 31 mm diameter, EVA smooth-grip, 6'' additional handle, 6'' finger protection end caps
  • Poly-E main rope with little stretch, buoyant, well visible in the water
  • Total length 18.3 to 21.3 m (60' to 70'): 1.5 m handle section and two sections main rope (16.8 m/ 1.5 m/ 1.5 m)
  • 15 cm eyes at the ends of each section, rope keeper to stow and hang the rope is included


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