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The LC-V 65'' wakeboard rope with handle is very sturdy and durable. The handle with T5 aluminium core is coated with synthetic PU leather. This feels super comfortable and also is more durable compared to foam grips. Foam floats are attached around the handle section which are covered with vinyl endcaps. The 1,5 m long and removable handle section is made of a non-stretch Dyneema rope which is perfect for wakeboarding. The main rope can be shortened from 19,8 m to 15,2 m to adjust the rope length depending on the boat wake and the rider's ability. Every section has a loop to connect the rope with the boat fast and easy. Beginners should ride with a short rope length while advanced and pro riders prefer longer rope lengths because the wake becomes wider and steeper with an increasing rope length. A rope keeper is included to store the rope tangle-free.

  • Sturdy wakeboard handle with main rope for riders with sporty ambitions and wakeboard schools
  • 15'' round handle, diameter 29 mm, EVA padded grip made of synthetic PU leather
  • 6061 T5 Aluminium core - no flex, super rigid, extra long Vinyl endcaps with integrated float
  • 1.5 m (5') handle section with non-stretch Dyneema rope, Vinyl coated cable
  • 4-section Poly-E main rope (45'/5'/5'/5'), length 19.8 m (65'), can be shortened to 15.2 m (50'), rope keeper included
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