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The MESLE Easy Up 13'' water ski handle with a length of 1,5 m has an extra large V-handle to make slalom starts easier. Put the slalom ski in between the V-handle during the start. The handle section helps to keep the ski straight and pushes the ski flat on the water while starting. This reduces the power needed and makes a slalom start so much easier. Especially heavier persons or skiers with weak motorized boats benefit from the Easy Up. The 33 cm wide rubber handle with aluminium core is super grippy, durable and suitable for water ski gloves. The handle section is equipped with vinyl end caps to protect the fingers and the rope. The Easy Up handle is floating thanks to the foam float attached to the handle section. A rope keeper is included to store the rope tangle-free.

  • Waterski starting aid triangle designed to help you get out of the water
  • 13'' Aluminium handle with EVA soft grip, 28.2 mm diameter, usable without gloves
  • 1.5 m handle section with long triangle rope, tube foam, vinyl tubing to protect the rope
  • 8 mm 12 strand Poly-E main rope with UV protection, pre-stretched, 681 kg maximum tensile strength
  • Rope keeper to stow and hang the handle is included
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