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User needs, function, innovation

Design principles

The philosophy of our designs is to recognize and serve the needs of our community. The basic principles of our design philosophy are functionality, intuitive usability, durability, versatility and minimal impact. This is how we design for unique experiences with our products and develop complex concepts and design solutions for all challenges that come our way.

Mesle life jacket NYO color selection of the new design

Identify problems, generate solutions

We develop our products with the motivation to identify problems and develop ingenious solutions. We are always working to take ourselves and our products to the next level. We therefore meet challenges with a clear "challenge accepted". Through analysis, research, creative brainstorming, product testing, design and development, we are constantly generating new approaches and solutions. The needs of our customers always have top priority. For us, nothing happens without a clear purpose.

Form follows function

When we design and develop, we keep these principles in mind:


Using high-quality materials and colors to give our products the best basis for longevity and optimal performance.


Find materials and processes to design and produce your equipment more sustainably.


Clear and simple features that fulfill the functions without superfluous elements. For effortless experiences.


Functional, efficient and usable design that meets the needs of the user. Can be used in the widest possible range.

Mesle kayak buoyancy aid product development
Mesle life jacket NYO color selection of the new design

Well thought out down to the last detail

It's all about the details. By the time the product is in your hands, we have carefully analyzed it. We pay close attention to clean production to ensure that every product fulfills our promises and its function.

Good design should not be intrusive, but rather serve to improve the use of the product without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. Our aim is therefore to make our design so intuitive that it fits seamlessly into your watersports experience and fulfills your needs.

Less is more

In an era in which the careful use of resources is crucial, we are continuously developing our products. This happens not only before and during the design process, but also after a product is already on the market. We are constantly considering how materials, packaging, production and transportation can be designed in an alternative and sustainable way.

We use the expertise of our production partners, our own experience, findings from tests and feedback from you. In an iterative process, we evaluate which aspects can be reduced or changed. This is how we pursue our goal of optimizing our products.

Mesle Tube Vapor environmentally conscious product packaging