Janik Mesle at the helm of the boat during product shoots on Lake Constance

Favorite place Lake Constance

Product tests & shootings

Lake Constance is our feel-good place, because it combines what we love. Water sports, pure relaxation, great people and unique memories, of course. The best thing about it? It's part of our work. Photo and video shoots take place here and, of course, we personally test each of our products for you.

Mesle Watersports product shoot on Lake Constance
Bodman at Lake Constance Evening Sunset Mesle Watersports

User tests & feedback. Never stand still.

We draw on our years of expertise, but nothing replaces testing our products. Our tests don't just start on the water, but from the first interaction with the product - from transportation to the lake to storage after the action.

We test potential product range extensions, samples in various production phases and products that are already established on the market.

Sometimes we are so immersed in the subject matter that we become blind to obvious problems and requirements. That's why not only we test, but also independent people from the target group. We collect valuable feedback, evaluate it and iteratively adapt our products even better to your requirements.

Mesle waterski Wakestar for children learning to waterski
Mesle Tube Formula 2 people behind the boat on Lake Constance
Mesle Watersports Video Shooting Helmet Ragnar

Photo and video shoots.
With us, everyone is allowed in front of the lens.

With great visions in mind, we want to convey the individual features of our products to you in the best possible way. With photos and videos. Successful content production requires the following ingredients: a well thought-out concept, action to suit your taste, great people & good beats. As long as the weather is on our side, we film and take photos on Lake Constance. Here is the result, the video of our Cruzer.

Model Jack after his video shoot with the Mesle Tube Cruzer

Would you also like to have a shoot with us? Everything is possible, nothing is a must.

We are always happy to welcome new faces to our video and photo shoots. We are open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality or body type.

As long as you are interested in our products and are not camera-shy, we invite you to contact us by e-mail. Together we will discuss which product would be the right match for you. After all, everyone should feel comfortable with us when it's shooting day. This is what a shoot with us can look like.

Mesle Tube Speedster petrol video shoot at Lake Constance
Mesle banana boat skibob video shoot on Lake Constance
Mesle Tube Formula 2 person fun behind the boat

Our ritual:
After every shoot there's a well-earned meal and good conversation.

Sunset on boat after Mesle photo shoot day
Well-deserved snack during Mesle photo shoot
Chilling with friends on boat after Mesle Watersports photo shoot
Capture beautiful water sports moments at a Mesle shoot

Feeding good stories

A lot of our social media content is created in the same way. When we feel inspired, having fun, from true water sports enthusiasts in the moment. Of course, we also plan - after all, it's not always just about entertainment, but also about valuable know-how.